march kitchen madness

March Madness 2023: Kitchen Edition

This year we at Kitchen Design Concepts decided to hop on the March Madness bandwagon and put sixteen of our most recent kitchens to the ultimate test. We asked, and you all voted on Instagram over the past few weeks. Let’s review and learn who the winner is!

Sweet Sixteen

We randomly put kitchens head-to-head to start our March Madness: Kitchen Edition. First, we want to showcase two projects that put up a good fight but just weren’t able to beat their opponent. One of these was actually beaten out by our Champion! But more on that later… On the left, we have a kitchen with not one, not two, but THREE cabinet finishes – how fun is that! And these photos are so new that we haven’t even had a chance to write a First Friday Feature on them yet. Maybe next month? Stay tuned. On the right, is a stunning kitchen that we remodeled once, and Revived several years later. A comment from @ericanicole88 said “Wish there were better picture angles of the eliminated kitchen,” but like Eminem said, “You only get one shot.” But you can still check out more pictures on our blog!

Elite Eight

Although we are totally biased and love all sixteen projects the same amount, we still had to declare winners and move on to the next round. One fun fact we noticed: four of the eight that made it past the first round were “white kitchens” which shocked us! Guess sometimes you just can’t beat a solid classic. Below on the left, a fabulous white with pops of color kitchen – no wonder it made it through! Unfortunately, it was beaten this round by a walnut-clad kitchen (stay tuned for that!). On the opposite end, as seen on the right below, some kitchens didn’t have a SINGLE white cabinet! We love the wood tones in this space. Even more interesting? In the first two rounds, this award-winning golden kitchen had the tightest two races of our entire bracket, only being edged out by a vote or two in round two.

Final Four

Our March Madness Finals started the following week pinning two Mid-Century Modern Spaces against two Traditional Kitchens to see who would come out on top. The award-winning historical kitchen on the left was a controversial kitchen, and @estromcc said, “The yellow was a deal breaker for me but the kitchen is beautiful 😍.” We know not everyone has the same favorite color, but it was a touch to match the exterior colors of the 1926 home. On the right, our last white cabinets standing. This updated traditional kitchen in the Park Cities is truly a looker. And although it didn’t win this round, we recommend still checking it out.

The Championship

Mid-Century meets Mid-Century. A true battle of the titans was underway and we were really looking forward to seeing how this turned out. On the left, a walnut kitchen with lots of intricate design details. And on the right is what we would consider a real Cinderella story. As you know, we at Kitchen Design Concepts are a turnkey design and remodel company, but we also have our Partner Channel and Revive lines of business. What’s the latter? Revive is a design track clients can utilize where you keep your existing cabinets and typically refinish or reface them, along with updating other materials in the space. Think of new counter, tile, hardware, and appliances. And another fun fact: these spaces typically cost about half the amount of a full remodel! This Revive kitchen is truly something.

And The March Madness Winner Is…

Our award-winning, Mid-Century Walnut Kitchen! A few comments from the fans:

Love this mid-century kitchen in Lakewood – and have seen this space in ‘action’ – it’s perfect! @mkrstx
My favorite. @bvr1016
That walnut wrap! And pictures of the rest of this space are stunning – a must-see. ❤️ @rhelenedesign

Check out the full bracket above, and we cannot wait to do this again in the future. What do you think of the results? Now go enjoy the finals this weekend for both the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments!