Kitchens we love and why!

While there is something to love with all the kitchens we design, it gives us something to look forward to with each and every project we undertake. It can be a special material we’ve never utilized, a smart layout, or even just the experience that we have so loved and enjoyed. So let’s take a closer look at each specific style, traditional, modern, and traditional to see what we absolutely love!

Traditional, and what we love

We love this kitchen because it’s not your average traditional kitchen. With mix and match tile, a pop of color on the island, stainless steel countertops (perimeter), and custom made hood, this kitchen is elegant, eclectic, all while featuring those classic traditional elements. 

Modern, and what we love

When you think about modern you might think cold and stark, but surprise, modern can be warm and welcoming. That’s exactly what this space is, warm and welcoming and so much more. The soft neutral wood grain gives a look of modern coastal with the sea breeze blowing in, but it’s right here in Dallas! You probably wouldn’t beleive this space used to be dark and cut off. We love this modern kitchen!

Transitional, and what we love

This is one of our most favorite transitional kitchens to date. Why? Well, it has a special backstory. We actually remodeled this kitchen, with the same clients, over 15 years ago! So what we ended up doing was refinishing their cabinetry and give the surfaces a replacement- giving this space a complete facelift! See you don’t have to cute a whole kitchen to get a new look. You can utilize what you have from before! 

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