Ways To Utilize And Show Off Your Bar

Whether your dream involves to show off a grand bar in your home or a simple nook with everything you’d need in a bar, we’ve got you covered! Bars are exciting because they can vary in size, design, and they can be wet or dry. But one thing all bars have in common is that they entertain! So, check out four very different types of bars we’ve designed just waiting to serve four different looks!

The alcove bar

This lovely alcove bar was a component of one of our Revive projects where the cabinetry was refinished and revived. The bar sits quietly in an alcove (and we’re sure it’s not quite all the time 😉 ), yet it stands out as a fun feature in the home. The glass-front cabinets are perfect for displaying glassware and the cabinets below are great for storage.

A bar in the heart of the kitchen

This beautiful bar is a perfect example that bars can fit into the kitchen too! Although it sits perpendicular, the cabinetry, countertops, and hardware match the rest of the kitchen and blend well together. The ice machine is a great addition for cold drinks and the wide counter space provides enough area for staging, serving, and entertaining!

Show off a full wet bar

A full wet bar right off from the kitchen? We say “Why not?!” This bar is not only complete with gorgeous cabinetry but it also has a convenient ice maker, beverage fridge, and sink (hints the name “wet” bar). The open shelving with integrated lighting is a modern touch to this space!

End-of-run bar

We call this the “end-of-run bar” because it’s a perfect ending to a modern kitchen. So in light of creating small zones in the kitchen, a zone for the bar is a great addition if you’ve got the space! In this case, there was definitely enough space, so a little area to show off your bar doesn’t hurt!

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