Decorating With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the most popular household items to date. If you’ve ever remodeled an older home, you may have found layers upon layers of wallpaper surprises within the walls – which is a testament to how popular wallpaper is! Wallpaper today has become a versatile product. It can be installed as a permanent wall covering or as one that is easily removed (depending on brand and other factors). Wallpaper is a great way to decorate any room in your home, whether it’s a subtle wall covering or as a pattern that pops. Over the past years, we’ve had projects with fun wallpaper with various prints and textures. Take a look at some of our favorites below!

Bold Printed Wallpaper

The bold printed wallpaper is what we love to utilize in areas such as powder baths. The powder bath is actually a perfect room to incorporate something fun like a bold printed wallpaper, because one, its a small space, and two, it’s something exciting and unexpected for guests. These bold and floral prints were very popular in the 50s, and look at them now…making a comeback! On the left, we have a beautiful powder bath and to the right, is a fun mudroom/laundry room.

Textured Wallpaper

Textured wall covering is a wonderful way to incorporate a luxe feeling to any space. While it’s not loud like a bold print, it’s subtle and adds a hint of texture to warm up any space. Textured wall coverings come in various colors and is a great option for any room. Think, living spaces, offices, or even entire sections of a home.

Minimal Printed Wallpaper

A minimaly printed wall covering is a great option if bold prints or textures aren’t your style. With a minimal print, you can find various patterns such as animal prints or even wall coverings that resemble tile such as the master bath is shown (right photo) below. In the bar (left), we have a minimal animal print as your eye draws close, the pattern becomes more clear. Just beautiful!

The Unexpected “Wall”Paper

It’s not often a wall covering is applied to the ceiling, but in this case, we have a beautiful floral pattern added to the ceiling of our client’s sunroom. And not to mention, what a great choice for the sunroom! While it’s summer or winter outside, this wall covering is a reminder of all the beauty found in nature all year round.

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