corner cabinets

Corner Cabinet Options

Corner solutions for cabinetry have come a really long way when it comes to the many options to choose from. The corner in your kitchen can sometimes become an awkward space, especially when designing. A good trick is to actually start laying out cabinetry in the corners (following plumbing and ventilation) and voila, everything else falls into place. Today, corner cabinets are everything but awkward. You’ll find accessories that spin, pull out, slide, and provide easy access to that hard-to-get-to corner. Want to check out some of our favorites? Learn more below.

Super Susan

A lazy Susan is a widely known corner unit, it might even possibly be one of the first corner units invented. The “Super Susan” is a version of the lazy Susan. The difference is the lazy Susan spins on a post and is a round shape, while the super Susan sits on a shelf and is a pie-cut shape. Being that it sits on a shelf, it can handle more weight, which is a win-win. See the difference below:

Blind Cabinet Lemans

Let’s break it down. A blind cabinet from the outside looks like a regular-sized cabinet, but on the inside, it extends back into the blind corner which helps maximize the use of storage. A blind corner with a Lehmans is a blind corner of dreams! The Lehmans has a sort of bean-shaped shelves that completely swivel out exposing the entire shelf. Giving you a complete overview of the contents!

Magic Corner Cabinet

The magic corner cabinet is all in the name, its a corner of magic! Like the Lehmans, the magic corner can completely be pulled outside of the cabinet exposing all the contents. It’s sort of a two-story unit each level having a 2-part shelf. This essentially gives you a total of 4 shelves, helping you keep things organized!