What You Should Expect From a High-Quality Cabinetry Line

Purchasing cabinetry for your kitchen is considered a great investment. Plus, it’s known to help increase the value of your home, and when it comes a time, it helps with selling your home. So, where do you start?  How will you know what’s high-quality cabinetry or not? With all the cabinetry lines out there, from the factory to shop built there are many avenues in which cabinetry can be made. With us, we carry semi-custom cabinetry lines that are specially created in a factory setting. And, they are made to order (no picking from a shelf!). Ever been in a factory where they make cabinetry? Well, we have, and the attention to detail down to each and every element is what we appreciate the most. To help you on your kitchen journey, we’ve listed the most important things you should expect from a high-quality cabinetry line. Take a look below!

Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Let’s begin with the dovetail drawer boxes as these are something to expect from a high-quality cabinet line.  Dovetailing is a type of woodworking joint that joins each corner together. This type of joinery provides strength and durability to the drawer helping it last for years and years to come.

Full Extension and Soft Close

A drawer with full extension and soft close is a drawer we love. This feature is something that’s not a visual thing, but the added benefit is unbeatable! With full-extension, you’ll have a full and complete view of your drawer boxes. No need to dig around in the back. Then, with soft-close, for both drawers and doors, you’ll never hear slamming again, and that’s music to our ears. A tiny little piece of luxury if you ask us!

Cabinet Box Materials

The construction of the actual cabinetry boxes is just as important as any other aesthetic with kitchen cabinetry. If you skimp on the quality and only go for the appearance, then your beautiful cabinetry won’t hold up in the long run. With a high-quality cabinetry line, you should expect cabinet boxes built from furniture board and if you want to upgrade another level, there’s plywood. And speaking of cabinet boxes, make sure wherever you go, that your cabinets aren’t missing any pieces, such as the back – which is widely seen in cabinets that are built onsite.

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