Benefits Of Working With A Design-Remodel Company

You’ve decided it’s time to remodel. Your Houzz board is full of inspiration pictures and you have already created your wish list and put together a budget. The next step for you is to find professionals to work with. But what kind of person should you be looking for? If you are looking for a turnkey remodeling solution, you should really consider working with a design-remodel company. Why? It may sound straight forward, but they do both the design and the remodel. So, how does that help you as a homeowner? Let’s dive into some of the benefits of working with a firm like ours.

What is a Design-Remodel Company?

There are a lot of steps before you can start remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. You have to create a new spatial plan, find and procure materials, purchase the perfect appliances (for kitchens) or plumbing package (for bathrooms), get all of those costs together, and put it with the bid to do the actual work. Sometimes you may even need engineering reports and a full set of permit plans to submit. And all of that is before you even start demo! Once you’re all set, you will need subcontractors to prepare and demo, do electrical and plumbing, reframe for new walls/items, install cabinetry, countertop, tile, flooring, install sheetrock, tape/bed/texture and then paint, and then deep clean before moving in. All of this has to be managed and scheduled. If you aren’t working with professionals, it is likely you who is doing all of this!

A true turnkey solution:

What some firms do is just part of the process. They leave it up to you to put the upfront design process and the remodeling/construction part together with different partners. Some construction crews may not be able to act as general contractors, so you will need to also schedule all of the subs. Imagine calling a few electricians and plumbers to get bids and then on the schedule when you need them. A turnkey design-remodel company does it ALL and saves you lots of precious time, and even money, in the long run.

A Single, Cohesive Team

Because a design-remodel company is a true turnkey solution, you are working with the same people throughout your entire process. The designer that you work with during the first part of the project is still a part of the process once it is released to the construction crew. Although some individual kitchen and bath designers are very active and responsive, check their pricing structure to see how they include pricing for calls in the field. For example, will you be charged an extra 2 hours later for them to explain a cabinet installation detail that may not be as clear to an installer? With a company like Kitchen Design Concepts, the designer is on staff and is able to answer any call from the project manager or subcontractors. We also act as the general contractor and are able to schedule out all of the subcontractors easily and with priority. This won’t always happen if you are trying to do it yourself.

A faster timeline:

Turnkey projects go faster than piece-meal projects. How? We already have all of our materials picked out! Once you sign your proposal, we create a project plan to show you how long the construction part of the process will take. We take into account lead times of cabinetry, tile, and other material and build the schedule around that. We aren’t wasting time waiting for things to be chosen or to be delivered. Cabinetry install happens 1-2 days after delivery, as one example. Check out how long a normal kitchen and bathroom remodel can actually take.

Balancing Your Investment

Before Googling a bunch of companies, you have likely already considered what your remodel budget is. Calling around you find 2-3 firms that say your budget is a good fit. But what kind of firms have you called? Not design-remodel companies? You now have to make tons more phone calls to find different pieces of the puzzle. The contractor you find may say they can do the work inside that budget. The designer says the work is also possible. Then when you put the two together, you have blown it because they may not work well together, or talk to each other. You are then stuck with paying for additional hours of service or have to direct people yourself – not what you had in mind.

Spending more can save you more:

We don’t mean to sound like a department store, but this idea is kind of true. With a design-remodel company, you are getting pricing for a full package. Costs also include some things other companies will leave out. These can be project management, creating permit plans, or driving to the job site to direct an installer with a question. Turnkey companies include all of this. One single bill. One amazing team. We have also spent a lot of time and effort thinking through the mechanical aspects of the design upfront. This can eliminate change orders in the field. If a designer and contractor don’t work together, things are likely missed. A design-remodel company won’t have this issue.

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