Why Does A Bathroom Remodel Take So Long?

We talk kitchens a lot, but what about bathrooms? Well, today we have an important topic to discuss and it’s why bathroom remodels take so long! When clients hear it can take anywhere from 8-10 weeks from demo to completion, 95% of the time it comes as a big shock. We’re not talking a bathroom makeover. We’re talking a gutted bathroom, tiled removed, plumbing disconnected, and… you get the picture.  And no, we’re not twiddling our thumbs and letting the weeks go by. There are just a lot of details and planning that goes into a bathroom remodel. Want to find out why a bathroom remodel can take so long? Read all about it below!


Prior to getting to the demolition phase, we’ve already spent time together planning what the bathroom design will be. Once your beautiful design is finalized, we order all the materials (tile, fixtures, cabinetry, you name it) and get to prepping the job site. Demo day is an exciting day. It’s the first official and physical step towards a new bathroom! Demo day involves removing anything and everything. Depending on the depth of scope of your project, this includes countertops, sinks, faucets, cabinetry, lighting, tubs, commodes, tile, and much much more! Since demolition is pretty extensive, we set off about three days to complete the process so we can do our jobs with care for the space and safety in mind.


Now, enter the trades. Within a bathroom remodel, we have several trades involved. These include framers, plumbers, tilers, and electricians. In addition, we also have inspectors. To explain things simply, in order to keep things organized we have broken it down into two phases. In phase one, we begin with the framing, then comes the plumbing rough, electrical rough, inspections, then we fill trenches and install sheetrock. This takes about 14-21 days.

Now we’re ready for phase two. In phase two, the room really starts to come alive. This is where we install hardibacker, complete the shower pan (which also needs to be inspected), complete the tiling (which includes the floors, showers, inlays, and more), install cabinetry, and shower glass/tub. This phase is the longest phase which takes about 30 days. Of course, keep in mind the length of time depends on the size of the space and how detailed the design is.


By now we’re in the finishing stage. With the complicated work for electrical and plumbing already started in phase one, they are now back to complete their work. As fixtures are installed and lighting reconnected, we can finish the floor with grouting and sealing the tile. Once the work is completed, we are back to another round of inspections involving plumbing, electrical, and building inspections. It’s no easy task, but rules and regulations are a good thing and provide safety within your homes – which is why inspections are vital. Lastly, the finishing stage ends with project completion and all in all is about a 20-day process.

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