green painted library with yellow seats and wood desk kitchen design concepts dallas texas

Not Ready To Remodel? Update It!

So a full remodel isn’t in the cards for you just yet, but you need to make a change. Update in one of four easy ways: painting, styling, wallpapering, or customizing even just a portion of the room. And yes, these things can be applied to your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space in your home! These

Paint It!

You shouldn’t be surprised by how drastic a new color can update a room. The best way to make a change? Paint it! Take a boring-looking wall, and paint it a fun, new color. Deep blues and greens are very popular today as faux-neutrals. Pastels and taupe tones are rising in popularity too. Want to go bold? Pick some deeper pigments (yes, even black!) and paint a portion of a wall: like this faux wainscot. Colorblocking is also a fun trend that we can totally get on board for, as well as multi-colored patterns. Below, we have a brick fireplace that was given new life with paint. We used Sherwin Williams Sticks and Stones.

Style It!

Not only did the paint add a bold new color to this library, but the entire room was meticulously redesigned. Green is used as a background and it’s stunning. But, the real update is in the new furniture in the space. Doubling as an office space – since we are all working from home now – a small wooden desk sits in the middle of the room. Adding more warmth is a brown weathered chair. Comfy yellow chairs flank each side of a footstool and a bright pink patterned rug grounds the room. Only six furniture pieces total – and a paint job – for such a drastic upgrade? Yes, please!

Wallpaper It!

Just like painting, a little wallpaper can totally change a room. Some of our favorite go-to’s are Kravet, Phillip Jeffries, and Schumacher. You will want to find a professional installer for most wallpapers unless you are really gunning to DIY it, but a great installer is definitely worth it. This is especially true if you are getting a fun pattern or complicated repeat. Your professional should easily be able to measure the space and understand your dimensions to let you know how much to actually purchase, and not overpay for extra material. As far as location, don’t sleep on your ceilings! Wallpaper (or paint) up here can add a fun design element to any room. In this sunroom area, we added whimsical paper into a coffered ceiling design.

Customize It!

Any spare walls around? We created a customized entertainment center with just four cabinets to host a television in this breakfast area off of the kitchen. Not only did it act as a furniture piece to take up some unused floor space, but it added TONS of storage! Small details (like the custom doors with antique mirrored inserts) made it even more fun, and you can add something like this to any space! Entertainment center in a living room or den, single desk space in a home office or bedroom, or even a custom vanity in the primary suite or bathroom! The sky is the limit.

And don’t forget about our Revive design services. If you aren’t ready to remodel you can always Revive! What does that mean? Keep your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, maybe recolor them and switch out some countertop, splash, and a few other things to make the room feel brand new. Check out some of our favorite Revive designs and meet our Revive designer, and get started!