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Kitchens You’ll Want To Spend Time In This Holiday Season

When it comes to the holiday season, there’s always going to be food involved. By now you’ve probably just recovered from the Thanksgiving holiday and already planning for the next holiday! This time of year is always a good excuse to hang out in the kitchen, whether you’re helping the cook prep a dinner, or you’re in charge of the baked goods, or possibly you’re the type that just likes to hang out. Whichever one you are, it always seems like you end up in the kitchen. Well, in the spirit of all these holidays, we’ve thought of some kitchens we have remodeled and how much we would love to spend time in them this season! Take a look at some of our favorites and the unique features they entail:

A pre-dinner cocktail, anyone?

Something really fun about this space is we actually remodeled the kitchen, master bath, and the bar! The bar is something our clients like to use especially when it comes to having guests over, and it becomes even more convenient having around during the holidays. Whipping up a few cocktails, and having this as the drink station eliminates the crowd from the kitchen space, yet it is still a part of the whole room. It’s a great layout and one we would love to be having a cranberry cocktail in this season!

Love to entertain?

These clients are big entertainers; we’re not talking 10-20 people, more like 100 people! So, when we set out to design this space, the number of ovens was an important factor to consider. You’ve probably been there; you have one oven and just not enough room to cook. Well, that’s exactly what these clients took into consideration. With a dual fuel range that has two ovens and a double oven on the wall, we’d say these clients are ready for entertaining this season!

Where to prep?

Find yourself lacking in counter space? It’s funny how quickly you realize how important that counter real estate becomes once the holiday’s roll around. If you’re cooking up a feast, you may find your self-needing space for prep work, organizing of ingredients, a place to bake, and the list goes on. Also, once the cooking and baking are done, you may need counter space for the food buffet for guests to help themselves. In the end, I think we will all realize the importance of adequate counter space!

Room for Guests

Having an open concept is often what our clients are looking for and we understand why. That is exactly what we did in this particular project. Today, this kitchen is open to the main living area, which is a perfect layout for entertaining. We have space for guests to lounge (living room), a peninsula as a place to grab a drink (or be a taste-tester!), and an island for people to hang around while keeping the cook company. With so many options, guests are sure to find a spot they feel comfortable!

A sink for this, and a sink for that

If you are someone who has had two sinks in their kitchen, it’s always hard to go back to having only one, especially during the holidays! Most commonly the sinks are placed in two separate areas, one on the main kitchen perimeter and the other on the island (or vice versa). We tend to see clients use this extra sink for specific tasks. Some may use the extra sink for dirty dishes; others may only use it for rinsing of produce. But we can confidently say, that extra sink definitely comes in handy once the holidays come around.

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