First Friday Feature: Old-Hollywood Kitchen

Nestled in the suburbia of Southlake, TX, we embarked on a project taking the kitchen from heavy-traditional and transforming it to a modern space with a classic old-Hollywood feel. Some of the interesting pieces the makes this space entirely unique to any other kitchen we’ve done include a custom designed art-deco vent hood, and art deco accents throughout. This first Friday feature kitchen design is sure to leave you in awe!

Other than getting our custom pieces exactly how we wanted them, the biggest challenge was getting the curvature of the island and the cooktop wall perfected. Not only is the countertop curved, but the cabinets are designed on a curve giving movement to the space. It’s not often we design a sexy old-Hollywood style kitchen!


Wood print cabinets: From Elmwood, we have a New Haven door, Vista Arabica veneer, in a Diamond Gloss finish. The black cabinets are also from Elmwood, in a Ventura door-style, MDF, in a Black Diamond Gloss. This color combination screams “va-va-voom”!


The carefully selected countertops are a Cambria quartz in the finish Armitage. Getting the countertops to a curved perfection was a must in this space!


So, how can we make a stand-out kitchen pop even more? Well, with backsplash tile that is! Here we have a 1×4 mosaic tile from Renaissance Tile, in Old Fashion Glow, in a finish of Clear with Silver. It’s beautiful, yet it doesn’t overpower the overall design.


The kitchen was designed will all new appliances. From Thermador we have a fridge, freezer column, wine columns, oven, dishwasher, and cooktop. From Dacor we have a microwave.

Hardware and Fixtures

Lastly, the finishing touches of the kitchen. We have a Blanco Sink, Kohler Faucet, and cabinet hardware from Top Knobs. Even the hardware has that old-Hollywood glam shape to them!

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