Benefits of Radiant Heat flooring

In Texas we have a lot of heat (when we say a lot, we mean A LOT), so you wouldn’t think *more* heat would be a necessity, would you? Well, think about each time you step into your bathroom. Is the floor cold? Typically, it is! Better yet, imagine stepping out of the shower and the rush of cold that surrounds you.  So, what if we told you that you can change that just by incorporating radiant heat in your floors? No more cold bathroom come summer or winter because your bathroom will feel comfortable year round, yes, all year long! So join us today as we explore some of the reasons why our clients love to have radiant heat floor in their bathrooms (although, it’s not limited to bathrooms!).

Dries up Spillage

One of the benefits of having radiant heat flooring is it can quickly dry up spillage from stepping out of the shower for example. By the time you are finished getting dressed, your floors are all dried up again. Plus, another benefit to having radiant heat floors is that it’s a great spot to dry clothing if you have items needing to be hang dried. The heat from the room will aid in getting your clothes dried, plus, any drippage will dry up as well!

Hidden Heat System

The mechanism that runs the radiant heat is all hidden underneath the floors. There’s no big bulky machine sticking out in the corner, it’s all concealed! The only thing you see is the control where you can steer how warm you would like your bathroom to be. We’re all for saving valuable space!

Can Help Lower Utility Bill

If you have radiant heat floors, you may have noticed your utility bill lowered! This is due to the increased energy efficiency by keeping a consistent temperature. Also, there are various types of radiant heat such as electrical, gas, and geothermal – each which could have various efficiency than the other. To see which I best for your home, talk to an expert!

Keeps Bathroom Warm All Year Long

This may seem like an obvious benefit to radiant heat floors, but it’s the most important factor! The idea of stepping into your bathroom on a cold and grey morning and your floors are freezing cold does not sound very comforting. Radiant heat is the answer to true comfort and wellbeing in your cold bathroom space!

Radiant heat may not be for everyone or every space. Speak with your local expert for more information!