Why Cabinets Are an Investment

We understand that when clients come to us and want to use us for their remodel, that they not only are making an investment but also that it’s something they have been planning and saving for a long time. That is why it is important to us to not only achieve the design how our clients want but also make the experience enjoyable and help teach why such an investment is a positive one. So, you want to know why cabinets are an investment? And why are they a positive investment? Well, let’s go through our list of reasons why.

Increases home value

Take your kitchen for example. A kitchen designed with custom or semi-custom cabinetry from a manufacturer will have qualities that set it apart. This compares to other “standard built” kitchens such as cabinetry built on–site. Not only is the quality of construction material superior, but also the finishing process cannot be beaten. Manufactured cabinetry has the opportunity to include all of the bells and whistles you want. When dealing with manufactured cabinetry you are also covered by a longer warranty (which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer) compared to builder-grade cabinetry.

ROI (return on investment) is always on the mind. So, when you go to sell your home, not only will the cabinetry have increased your home value, but it will also be more aesthetically pleasing to the buyer. What a sales pitch! A win-win? We think so!

Cabinetry craftsmanship will last a long time

We touched on this above, but it really deserves its own section. Custom and semi-custom manufactured cabinets are built to last. Not only are they built in a facility with quality materials, but also finished in a several step-process (depending on manufacturer on the exact amount of steps). When working with manufactured cabinetry, you’ll hear terminology like “mortise and tenon”, “dovetail”, “mitered edges”, etc. All of these provide joinery that is durable and strong. Plus, if you are interested in going even further with the quality of your cabinets, most lines offer a plywood upgrade.

Take the time to build your design. Upgrade your standard to manufactured cabinets. So, yes, you may end up spending a little more money on cabinetry than that “built on site” kitchen down the street. However, in the long-tun you’ll be happy you did when your cabinetry is still in superb condition!

Cabinetry to fit your needs

If you’re remodeling a space in your home that includes cabinetry, you’ll most likely be sure to include features to fit your needs. We really like to get to know our clients and learn how they actually use their space, because everyone is different! Think about how you use your space daily. You may love to cook and want all the bells and whistles, while your best friend – who may prefer to eat out – may only want the basics. Whichever client we have, we have a standard list of must-haves in the kitchen. We also have certified designers on staff, so hear why it’s important to hire a designer here.

Full-extension soft closer drawers are a standard for us. Individual storage needs (think: spice drawer, waste cabinet, cutlery divider, tray cabinet, etc.) are extremely common. And there is an important feature that isn’t physical: your kitchen needs to fit your daily flow. Learn more about zoning here.

Interested in learning more? Well, see what benefits you have by contacting us!