Most people don’t know what kind of style they are; they just enjoy a little bit of everything. Perhaps some people know what they like, but they don’t really know what style it falls under or what to call it. Pictured below are different styles of kitchens. Kitchen Design Concepts will help you get started in deciding your style.


The traditional style is for those who enjoy the traditional with a small dose of contemporary. This gorgeous kitchen displays sophisticated countertop lines, neutral cabinetry, and glossy marble countertops. Traditional has a very rich, homey feel, and is all about comfortable living, with a few modern appliances. The main traditional colors are taupes, vanillas, khakis, and browns. However, some are known to decorate with jewel tones. Beautiful, luxurious, extravagant textures and accessories are used for traditional style homes. Visit our traditional style gallery for more examples.


The transitional style is for those who appreciate both traditional and contemporary. For all those stuck in the middle, this is for you. Deep, beautiful brown cabinets line this kitchen. A large, amazing island centers the kitchen. The island displays cabinets with non-beveled, clean, framed glass doors, which provides a twist of modern. The transitional also displays khakis, vanillas, and taupes, however, accented with deep browns and clean-lined glass. Transitional spaces embrace a little of traditional and modern styles, but avoids extremes on either end. Visit our transitional style gallery for more examples.


The modern style can represent any color imaginable, as well as the monochromatic. All colors are used in a modern style, everything from bright yellows to deep blacks. The design and colors all depend on the opinion of the homeowner. Whether your favorite color is green, red, black, yellow, orange, or purple; with modern style, you can combine them all or separate them into rooms. Most modern styles focus on a palette of themed colors for a room and pick where they want what colors. Modern style is clean, uncluttered, and boasts straight lines. Visit our modern style gallery for more examples.