What Kitchen Style Are You?

Since you so happened to land on our website, you’re probably wondering what kind of kitchen style you are. We all have our specific tastes in what excites us. For some, it could be the color scheme, for others, it might be the type of materials used. Things that get you excited about kitchens could be many different things, but to most of us, we tend to be attracted to a specific style. So, which style are you? Let’s check out some of the many styles to choose from!


A traditional style kitchen is a large genre. This style tends to feel heavier in that it has more details whether it’s a layered crown molding, carved pilasters, or even a detailed door style. This is a popular style for many clients, as it has been around for a long time!


A transitional style kitchen is a very popular genre. It’s the style that sits between traditional and modern. You can call it a happy medium! It feels “lighter” than a traditional kitchen but feels warmer in details as that of a modern kitchen.


Some call it modern and some call it contemporary (has anyone figured out the difference??), for the sake of this blog, we’ll go with contemporary. A contemporary kitchen is a style that’s clean, crisp, and limited in heavy detail.

Retro / Mid-Century

We love this cool comeback! A retro, mid-century modern style is often unexpected and exciting. Compared to contemporary, this style incorporated more color and funk. We love it!


A farmhouse kitchen could lean traditional or transitional style. So what makes a farmhouse kitchen? Well, it’s all in the details! The fixtures and materials utilized are what brings a farmhouse style to life! Think farmhouse sink, exposed wood, neutral colors, open shelving, colorful tile, metal fixtures, and more.

Art Deco

An art deco style space is not only unique but takes you back in time! This 20’s style space utilizes details that are luxurious and glamorous. Think materials that pop such as high gloss and geometric forms of Cubism.


A rustic style space utilizes finishes and materials that emphasize a “rugged” look, but in a good and delightful way, like a natural beauty. In regards to cabinetry, often we use natural wood with exposed knots and textures. Compare this style with details you would find in a cabin in the woods! Warm, cozy, and rustic.

Thanks for stopping by! If you’re interested in learning more and exploring more kitchen styles, then check out our favorite kitchens from 2018!