What Bathroom Style Are You?

The fun thing about designing bathrooms is that it doesn’t have to match with the style of the rest of your home if you don’t want it to. Overall, bathrooms tend to be the smaller rooms in the home, so the design goes a long way! There are many ways to make a big impact in the bathroom, but when it comes to the actual type of bathroom style, there are many to choose from. So, let’s take a look at some of the various styles and the characteristics that make them unique which leads to the question, “What bathroom style are you?”.


This black and white bathroom is elegant when it comes to the details and it’s slick in style. Contemporary design is not a specific style genre, however, it pulls elements from modern to traditional making it feel unique to today’s styles and tastes. This contemporary bathroom pulls modern from the cabinetry, minimalist from the plumbing fixtures, and traditional in the stone and lighting fixtures – yet it comes together as one cohesive look. We love it!

Art Deco

Art Deco is a unique style famously belonging to the 1920s. It’s big, bold, and it exudes materials of luxury and elements of modernity.  That’s why we love this art deco style master bath! It’s not very often we get a client who wants this particular style, so it was a fun and exciting project to work on, and we love the end results!


The warm and cozy farmhouse style has taken America by storm. It might be because it’s comfortable and full of character – so people truly fall in love with this style! We recently completed a master bath in this charming style, complete with a classic style floor tile, marble, and a claw foot tub. What’s not to love?!


What’s a cross between modern and traditional? Well, it’s none other than “transitional”! A transitional style space is growing increasingly popular and it’s a great choice for many clients across the board. This specific style is clean and soothing in aesthetic, which is perfect for a bathroom!


Although Zen isn’t necessarily a style, rather a way of life, we can still apply elements of Zen to create a calm and peaceful space. With a Zen bathroom, we apply natural materials, such as stones and natural wood, and keep all extras to a minimum. Everything in the space needs to serve a meaningful purpose and the overall space should exude a sense of peacefulness.


A traditional design style tends to lean more classic and warm. There’s nothing jarring to the senses and the style is comfortable, which is why we love this master bath! A master bath should be a place of refuge and a place to relax and that’s exactly what this space represents.


While there are many types of styles (even more than what we covered today) to choose from, hopefully, these will get your creative juices flowing! Also, while you’re here, explore the many kitchen styles!