Ways To Dress Up A Bathroom

Ever walk into a bathroom at a restaurant or in someone’s home and thought “Wow!” at some of the interesting details? Whether it be a cool sink or a neat tile detail, bathrooms allow us to have a little more fun on the creative side. Compared to kitchens where the focus is mainly the cabinetry, in bathrooms, it’s a little bit of everything. It’s the cabinets, the tile, the plumbing fixtures, the lighting, and more. Plus, it really doesn’t matter if you’re working with a small or large bathroom, you can essentially “dress up” any size space! So, if you’re feeling a little on the creative side today, then take a look at some of the neat ways you can dress up a bathroom space to stand out!

Cabinet Styles

As mentioned above, the cabinetry is not what makes up the bathroom, it’s rather a little bit of everything! But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. In bathrooms, we tend to have a little more fun with color, styles, and different mounts. You don’t have to go with standard cabinets, why not try something that looks more like a furniture piece? Or what about a vanity that floats on the wall? Have a little fun with the cabinets!

Furniture Style:

Wall Mounted:

Tile Details

In some cases, tile is what makes up the majority of the bathroom space. We’ve had projects where tile has been installed on not only the floor but the walls as well. With tile, there is so much you can do. You can create accents in the shower, design a feature wall, and design a pattern on the floor. With all the colors, shapes, sizes, and materials of tile, you’re sure to find a match to fit your style!

Floor Detail:

Shower Feature:


If you want something that will provide a neat impact, and doesn’t involve tiling the walls, why not find a neat wallpaper? Wallpapers are still very popular in bathrooms. Again, we have different materials, designs, and scales of wallpaper, you’re sure to find a match. Dress up a bathroom with pattern, texture, or a combination. Wallpaper is especially fun in powder baths where you can wow your guests!

Light Fixtures That Pop!

Don’t forget about the light fixtures. Lighting is another great opportunity to utilize something fun, festive, and maybe something a little daring (have a little fun!)! Consider placement as well, will you have backlighting behind a mirror, or have actual fixtures surrounding the mirror?

A Sink That Will Surprise Your Guests

The vanity sink may come as an afterthought to some, but it doesn’t have to be! With so many decorative options out there, you will surely find something unique! Think of options made from alternative materials such as copper, or glass even. What about a sink with a pop of color?

Hammered Metallic:


Fixtures with Finishes That Stand Out

To finish off our list, we suggest to dress up a bathroom space with finishes that stand out. Dare to incorporate brass? Actually, brass is so “in” right now, that we have many clients requesting it. Not only does it stand out, but it also provides warmth and an element of surprise!

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