While venting is not the sexiest topic surrounding kitchens, someone who doesn’t have good air circulation in their space will tell you it is critical to the enjoyment (and safety) of a kitchen. While there used to be limited choices, as with just about all products these days, the selection is now fairly broad and features a number of features and styles. The most popular finish used in our kitchen remodels is stainless for both function and aesthetics, but take a look at the range of styles based on the best fit for the specific kitchen.

Below, a dramatic vent hood is a focal point in this warm modern in North Dallas

This beautiful vent hood, selected for its slim body and anchored from the ceiling, is a better companion for this hill-country kitchen made for entertaining

Below, this unique shaped vent hood from Zephyr’s “Chang” collection is perfectly suited for this modern eclectic kitchen in the Russwood Acres part of Dallas

Check out our photo gallery for more images showing a variety of kitchen vent hoods.