When you think of a kitchen island, you may imagine a typical rectangular island, maybe with some seating, or an island with a sink or cooktop. Well, what if we told you islands don’t always have to be your typical square shape, nor does it have to have the same features as your neighbors? Over the years, we’ve designed a “few” islands, and some of them with rather unique shapes, features, or even colors. There really are no rules when it comes to what we can do, but of course we design within specific guidelines when it comes to clearances or ADA, but we can still have fun with it!  So, if you’re looking for something a little more unique or something with added flare, then check out our fun collection of unique kitchen islands! Maybe it’ll give you some creative ideas!

An Island Fit With Many Functions

An island with a desk, ovens, warming drawer, microwave, appliance garages, and even more storage? Could it be possible? Well, yes, yes it can. What a way to fully maximize the space of an island! Not only does it have all these features, but the entire island is all different heights and contains different designated workspaces.

The Wow Factor

It’s not unique to have seating incorporated into an island, but when the countertop is a completely different finish and hovers above the main island, it becomes a little more unique! Here we have a modern style kitchen with a neutral color palette, and with the pop of red in in the quartz countertop it’s sure to make heads turn!

Add a Little Color

Now, we realize the shape of this island is pretty standard, but we wanted to highlight the use of color. If a crazy shape or any crazy features is not for you, then designing with a pop of color may be the way to go to make your kitchen island unique.

Let The Island Help

This is a pretty basic thing to implement, just by simply elevating the dishwasher makes the kitchen island unique but also better for the user! There’s less bending over to load and unload the dishwasher and more time standing straight.

The Zig Zag

When it comes to being unique, this kitchen island takes the cake. The most prominent feature about this island is its zig-zag shape. The zig-zag feature naturally creates different “stations” along the island. You see a station for cleaning, which is the sink, then there are two other stations where one could be for food prep and the other could be for baking. Would you do a unique zig-zag kitchen island in your space?

Drawers Are For More Storage

Need more drawer storage? Why not put drawers on top of your kitchen island? This is definitely not something you see every day, earning this kitchen island a spot on our unique list. The drawers almost act as a shield from any water splashes and also gives a little privacy.

Add a Little Curve

Typically islands are on a straight line, whether it’s uniquely shaped or not. This entire kitchen island, however, is on a curved line. No, it’s not just an illusion, the entire island really is curved! The curve of the island (and the main kitchen we may add) gives movement to the entire space.

Seeing Double

Forget having just one kitchen island, sometimes having two is the way to go! In such a large space as this one, our clients opted for two islands which allowed for a pathway in between to other parts of the kitchen. One island has seating for guests while the other mainly serves are storage space.

Now that you’ve seen some unique kitchen islands? Will you go for something a little different?