tudor master bath vanity cabinet

Unique Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities can be both functional and unique in how it is designed. With bathrooms, we feel the design can be a little more fun and edgy making these spaces super exciting to design. Whether it’s a pop of color, a unique sink, or even a custom design – we love designing bathrooms! Check out some of our favorite vanities below!

A vanity with movement

This gorgeous and unique vanity not only provides a deep pop of color to the space, but it also provides movement with the way it is shaped. The front of the vanity provides a wave effect giving the space a flowey feel. And not to mention, we love the paring of the deep blue and the brass fixtures. It gives a classic and naval look giving this space a regal feel. If you’re wanting to know where the cabinetry is from, it’s from one of our beloved cabinetry suppliers called WW Woods. They have tons of options of vanities to choose from. Learn more about this space here!

unique bathroom vanities

A custom designed vanity

This bathroom is one of our all time favorites. The actual vanity was custom designed by one of our designers and was built by one of our premier cabinetry lines, Elmwood cabinetry. But deciding if we love the vanity or that gorgeous farm sink more is impossible. We couldn’t have asked for a better pairing! To learn more about this space, check it out here!  

unique bathroom vanities

A luxurious vanity

This vanity belongs in a luxurious hotel if you ask us. But nope, it stands in a home right here in Dallas! We love this vanity for its luxurious finishes and brass fittings. The “floating” marble sink is the star of this vanity show. It provides softness, glamour, and a touch of old world and we love it! 

unique bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities not only are a fun way to add a pop of design, but it also allows our spaces to be unique! To learn more about bathrooms, then check out First Friday Feature: A Modern “Come Back” Master Bath.