Two Ways to Two-Tone

Did you know that there are many ways to provide visual interest into your kitchen space? Whether it’s a backsplash that says “wow!” or a custom hood that stands out, we like to always do a little something to the kitchen space that not only adds interest but interest with a purpose! One really simple, yet beautiful way of doing so is to two-tone your kitchen! Playing around with the finishes of your cabinetry not only will set your kitchen apart but will also help “break” up the space. The fun thing about two-toning is you don’t have to go crazy with colors (although you most certainly can!); you can stick with simple finishes that will stand the test of time. There basically are two ways to two-tone and we will take a further look at how to do so!

 The Tuxedo Effect

This method of two-toning is basically where the base (bottom) cabinets are one finish, and the wall (upper) cabinets are another finish. Talk about breaking up the space! The finish options are basically unlimited, do a quick search on Houzz or Pinterest and you’ll see what we mean. We do have to say though; we see a lot of white cabinetry paired with black, navy and greys. The other exciting thing about tuxedo cabinetry, it does not belong to one specific genre of style. You can do this treatment in traditional spaces all the way to modern.

The Two-Tone Island Effect

This one you’ve probably seen before. This type of two-toning is utilized if you have a kitchen island that is a different finish from the rest of the kitchen. This we would say is the more common way of two-toning your kitchen. And just like “tuxedo-ing”, there are many color options and finish directions you can go. With islands, I’d have to say that clients tend to like to go a little bolder with the color and finish selection. This could be because we see islands as an accessory to the kitchen where clients can have a little more fun and stand out.


So, we covered the two ways to two-tone your kitchen. Learn other ways to incorporate color into your design here. Now the question remains…what colors would you go with?