Tub Fillers and the Different Types

In the world of tub fillers, there are many types to choose from! So, where do you begin? Well, to start you may want to decide what type of tub you want then go from there. In general, there are 3 different tub-filler groups. They are wall-mount, deck-mount, and floor-mount. Then from there, the configuration of the handles, the finish, and the overall look all play a role on how to narrow down your options. So, let’s take a look at what they are!


The wall-mounted application is attached to, you guessed it, the wall! The wall-mount is something we see very often. In most cases, a wall-mounted tub filler combined with a shower is the standard for homes across America. But overall, a wall-mounted option is a classic option for all types of bathroom spaces.


The floor-mounted tub filler is one of the most popular options for a freestanding tub. A floor-mount tub filler can be found in various styles that fit in with classic or modern styles. Traditional tub fillers might have decorative handles, whereas a modern style tub filler might be more simplistic with one lever. Either way, a floor mounted tub filler instantly screams luxury and we love it! 



Another popular option for a freestanding tub is the deck-mounted tub filler. The deck-mount can also be found in various colors and styles. The positive side of selecting a deck mount is it’s the more cost-effective option than the floor-mounted application. 

Whether you want gold, silver, traditional or modern – the tub filler options are in a world of endless possibility!

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