Top 5 Favorite Items a Hobby Chef Needs in Their Kitchen

With Thanksgiving right around the corner the topic of food and our favorite thanksgiving dishes come to mind (If you’re wondering, I’m all about the mac and cheese!). But what about the tools that make these dishes possible? Well, this set us out on a mission to ask our owner, aka. Hobby chef, her top 5 favorite kitchen gadgets and ingredients to use during any holiday season. To be honest, a couple of these items we hadn’t a clue what they were! So, let’s check out what MK’s top favorite tools in the kitchen area.

1 – Maldon sea salt flakes

Maldon sea salt is made in a town called, you guessed it, Maldon, which lies in England! This sea salt has a very clean quality to it, and the saltiness does not linger. But in our opinion, the best part about this salt is that it is made of irregular sizes of flakes that also pack that extra crunch. So, if you’re feeling extra fancy this season, go get yourself some Maldon sea salt flakes, which not to mention is completely natural and contains no additives.

2 – Convection steam oven

The convection steam oven is a game-changer when it comes to extra crunchy bread and extra juicy dishes. If you’ve never heard of a convection steam oven it’s basically an oven that cook’s dishes utilizing steam. There are other benefits to a steam oven such as providing healthy meals in an even and quick fashion. Got leftovers? Utilize your convection steam oven to revitalize the dish providing extra moisture to the dish!

3 – Triangle Whisk

Did you know there were different types of whisks? It’s true, there are several different types of whisks basically set into two groups. One for emulsifying and one for incorporating air. Out of all the whisks available, the triangle whisk is one of MK’s favorites. With a triangle whisk to cover more surface area (think pans) making it perfect for sauces.

4 – All-Clad 1 quart Saucier

What’s a gadget that makes sauces and can also withstand heat up to 600F? The All-Clad 1 quart Saucier that is! Having witnessed and tasted several of MK’s delicious sauces, we have to believe it when she says the saucier is one of her favorites. Other benefits? This saucepan is perfectly designed for sauces that need frequent whisking or stirring.

5 – Thermoworks Thermapen

When a thermometer rates number one among chefs, you know this will be on MK’s favorites list! The Thermoworks Thermapen is the quickest and most accurate thermometer out there.  It has a range of -58.0 to 572.0°F and can do a read in 2-3 seconds. We call this a perfect gift for the food lover in your life!

Bonus Favorite – Columela EVOO

A little bonus for ya, another one of MK’s favorites is the Columela EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Let’s begin by saying the reviews on this oil are five-star. The flavor, aroma, and color is everything olive oil should be. Plus, if you’re making Italian dishes with tomato sauces, this oil is a must! The quality of your EVOO matters and this is why it’s one of MK’s favorites.

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