Tips For Your New Year, New Kitchen

The month of January is a perfect time to put plans into action, such as planning that new kitchen! Whether it’s a resolution or, in our case, a new kitchen and bath- it’s a great time to make things happen! While our company is a great resource for making your kitchen dreams come true, there are tools and ways to prepare your thoughts, ideas, and timelines to help you on your way! Check out some of the tips to help you on your first steps towards that new kitchen or bath!

Utilize Houzz

If you haven’t heard of Houzz yet then you’re in for a world of surprise (you’re welcome!). Houzz is an amazing platform for designers, architects, builders, and others in the industry to showcase their projects. Not only that, it’s a place for clients to leave reviews of their experience which makes Houzz a great way for you, the potential client, to explore and locate the many remodeling businesses out there. We highly recommend Houzz, and if you’re interested, you can check out our Houzz page here!

Create a “wants and needs” list

We all know there is a big difference between a want and a need. We may all want a fully functioning breakfast bar in our master bathrooms, but what we really need are the sink, toilet, and a space to shower. It’s all about how we put it together that makes a difference in the overall outcome. Plus, you might not even have to rip out cabinetry! Learn more about that here. So make a list of everything you need, then a list of everything you want. Get creative!

Set a realistic timeline

This process is not something that happens overnight (those HGTV shows have us all fooled!). Just the planning process such as this one is the hardest one to set a limit to. Because it can take short of time or as long of a time as you want. But if you set a timeline for yourself and set goals for what you want to accomplish, that’s a great place to start! Then a new timeline kicks in, which you can read all about in our “Why Does A Kitchen Remodel Take So Long” blog.