Tile Patterns in Design

Tile patterns in design is a wonderful way to add interest to any space. Just by taking a simple tile and changing the way a tile is positioned is a way to completely give the tile a new life. Plus, it’ll help influence the look of the space. Basically anywhere you can put tile, you can put a pattern. Think backsplashes, flooring, showers, and more! To learn more, check out some of our favorite tile patterns below:


The great thing about tile is that it comes in many different sizes, shapes, textures, and materials. Just a basic rectangle-shaped tile can create a beautiful herringbone pattern just by the way it is positioned. In the kitchen below, we’ve incorporated an inlay using a herringbone pattern above the range. This helps to draw the eye and creates a beautiful feature in the kitchen.

Basketweave (or “Block”) Lay

Some people call this different things, and we know there are a lot of mosaics out there with this kind of look. However, did you know you can create a similar pattern and feel with just a normal subway tile? Suprise! You can. Depending on the scale of your tile, you can create squares (or blocks) and simply turn the direction you lay them in – horizontal or vertical – in a checkerboard patter to create a basketweave look. Below is a picture of a finished kitchen using the “Blocks” Waterjet Deco tile from Marble Systems, along with an idea of what it would look like using a standard 3×6 subway tile instead.

Straight Lay – Vertical & Horizontal

I know, I know, we’re talking about patterns here, but just a simple change in tile direction (and not to mention color) is a perfect example of how easy it is to create “patterns” with tile. Here, the main tile is installed as a straight lay, but the niche adds a bold pop of color, and also a directional change within the design. Plus, we love the contrast with the white grout and the colorful tile!

Brick Lay

A brick lay tile pattern is a classic that we use time and time again! The great thing about brick lay is there is a vast amount of tile to choose from, all you need is a square or rectangle shape. So, why is it so popular? Well, we think it’s because it’s a simple layout to create but with the many options out there, it allows you to spice it up. Check out the handmade tile with contrasting grout below:

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