Now that we’ve had a little bit of time to settle into our kitchen since our kitchen remodel, I have come to love so many things about it. But, I have to say, in addition to the great appliances, hardwood floors, beautiful backsplash and granite countertops, three things that really stand out for me are all convenience features. First, we love love love (did I say LOVE) our single basin sink. It is so fun to be able to place baking sheets and large pans in the sink instead of the countertop, and, if we are entertaining, it is truly a joy to stack all of the dishes in the sink out-of-sight until we’re ready to do them.

The second most convenient addition is our pull-out spice drawer which comfortably lives to the left of our stove/oven. We are able to throw into our dishes any number of spices without moving even a step away from the cook top. And, with three levels, it holds all of our spices and oils perfectly.

Lastly, I love our cabinets and drawers and the way they close. The cabinets have hinges on them (quite a concept for those of us with cabinet doors that would never close) and the soft-close or blumotion feature on the drawers is great. It is perfect for our children who can now easily push the drawers – they don’t slam (especially on little fingers) and they are always closed because they are so much fun to close!

Next time, I’ll have to tell you about the other features I love. The list is truly endless and I will forever be spoiled to all of the conveniences of this kitchen.