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Things We Are Thankful For in Our Kitchens

We are feeling super thankful today as it’s one of the best holidays around! If you’ve noticed, lately, there’s been a few different versions of thanksgiving. We’ve got “friends-giving” where we celebrate with friends, “works-giving” where we celebrate with co-workers, and I’m sure there are some more versions of thanksgiving out there. But what’s most important is the essence of getting together over delicious food, and also remembering everything we feel thankful for. While there are MANY things to be thankful for in our lives, there are also many things to be thankful for in our kitchens! Don’t underestimate the soft-close drawers when otherwise they would SLAM shut, or the Lehman’s pull-out in those corner cabinets when otherwise you would have an awkward mess. So, check out some of the things we are thankful to have in our kitchens!

Drawer to keep our spices

An organized spice drawer is everything when you want to keep all your spices in line – especially around the holidays! No more digging out spices and buying multiples when you have a clear overview such as this! Thank you, organized spice drawer.


Cabinet hardware

Without cabinet hardware to open cabinetry drawers and doors, you’ll always be having to clean grease off the edges of the cabinet from all those times of having to open. Cabinet hardware is essentially a time saver and allows you to open your cabinetry with ease. So thank you, cabinetry hardware!


All of our appliances

Without all the appliances we have in our kitchen, would it really even be a kitchen? We’ve got a fridge to keep our produce cool, a dishwasher to do our cleaning, an oven to do our cooking, and ventilation to keep cooking smells out of our house. Thank you to all those special appliances for doing what they do! Better yet, if you have a warming drawer for the holidays, you should be feeling extra thankful!


Display Cabinetry

The day has come where the items inside the glass-front display cabinets will be put to use! Those special dishes and glassware have been waiting all year long (well, maybe not all year, but let’s just assume) to be utilized! While we are setting the table and getting things ready for the feast, we should remember and be thankful for those glass front cabinets.


Today, just like every day, we are super thankful for our clients. We are also thankful for all the kitchens and baths we have the opportunity to design! Thank you Kitchen Design concepts family!