The Four R’s of Renovation Part 3: Replace

Welcome to week 3 of our lessons in “The Four R’s of Renovation” where we have already learned what it means to Refinish and/or Reface. Today, we are going to be talking about the first option for when you are actually doing a decent amount of demolition – and finally taking out those cabinets! See what it means to Replace below!

What Does it Mean to Replace?

To replace means just what it says: rip out what you have today and put something brand new in the exact or really close to the same place! This is the third R of renovation, but it’s the first R where we are demolishing your existing cabinets and fixtures entirely. However, we aren’t really moving a lot of things with regards to construction. This really comes in handy when you DO want to change those fixed shelving base cabinets to a drawer base instead. Plus, this is a perfect solution to when you want to update to a new cabinet material for a brand new look! What you see below was a perfect replacement of the cabinets surrounding an aquarium – a large object that had to stay exactly where it was.


So why would replace ever be a bad choice? Well really, it’s probably the best of both worlds, but if the spatial layout of your kitchen or bathroom is horrendous, you may want to consider a full remodel instead. This also won’t really work the second you knock down an entire wall or expand the current footprint of the room. Flooring is also a huge consideration – if it doesn’t run under your cabinets today, and you don’t want to replace it all, you must consider “covering up” the floor with your new cabinets as well. For example, the bathroom below we replaced the vanity with a floating cabinet, so we had to redo the floors accordingly. The benefit of working with us? We ask you that question, typically at the first meeting, and talk pros/cons of each and every aspect!

Our Replacing Project

Overall, this bathroom below wasn’t a terrible layout, but it needed an update. Biggest issues? There were two different counter heights, which did not work for this couple. Plus, there was an angled wall for no apparent reason. By updating the cabinets to one level, and extending the cabinets to the corner, she was able to finally wash her face without breaking her back, and he finally got his own bank of drawers for additional storage! 

Can’t wait a week to hear what the fourth and final R is?! We will give you a hint – it rhymes with “coddle” – as in, we may whip up some coddled eggs for breakfast this weekend in our brand new kitchen!