The Four R’s of Renovating Part 5: Combining Your R’s

The last several weeks we have been chatting about the four R’s of renovating. Now we want to address how the real world works, because not everything is so cut-and-dry when it comes to renovating your space. Sometimes you might need what we call a “combination” project to really fulfill your needs. Learn how we do that below!

Combining Your R’s

The four R’s can always be mixed and matched to create your own perfect space. Love the perimeter cabinets but the island functions terribly? Think about refinished the perimeter but replacing the island! Really need to overhaul your kitchen but don’t want the mudroom to look terrible? Remodel the kitchen, but same some money but just refacing the mudroom doors to match! Sometimes there is a better way to meet your design goals without breaking the bank.

Refinish and Replace

In this space (above and below), the overall layout worked really well. The appliances were all in a good spot and the sink was perfectly placed. Actually, the homeowner was also a huge fan of their existing countertop, which is why a Revive project was the best course of action. However, they needed a little bit of additional functional storage, so we took the opportunity to replace the island cabinets all together. By taking out the existing island cabinets and being mindful of the footprint, they were able to salvage the counters and cover the existing floor, all while getting them more drawer storage and a pull out waste bin. The rest of the update was a new cabinet paint color, and a fresh backsplash.

Reface and Remodel

This small galley below has perfect bones so a reface was originally considered the best course of action. Taking off the existing raised panel door and drawer fronts and refacing with a cleaner shaker style gave them a simple updated look without having the change the color scheme too much. New counters and backsplash, along with a new sink and faucet, also gave a much needed update with minimal evasiveness.

However, they needed more storage in the room overall. So we had to think of an easy way to accomplish this, while staying close to our budget. We actually did a decent amount of construction work to take down the soffits in the space and have new transom cabinets installed on top of the existing, to gain additional space. Other updates were changing out the cabinet over the cooktop to accept a chimney hood (which looks fabulous here) and other minor storage updates, like converting the 2 drawers to the left of the sink into a single pull out drawer.

Be sure to check out all four R’s of renovating: Refinish, Reface, Replace, and Remodel – and be sure to take all of these into consideration for when you are ready to start your next project!