What Does it Mean to Remodel?

This one is our favorite! To remodel means to do it ALL! Demo the cabinets and rearrange cabinetry, appliances, plumbing fixtures, walls, etc. to meet your exact needs. Why go through all the struggle? This is best when you hate your layout, want to expand the space, both function and aesthetics need an update, and it’s a great investment if you are going to be in the home for some time. 


However, you may want to consider a different R if you are moving the near future and the investment is just not worth it (and you want to save for the new house instead). It’s also great if a minor update is truly all you need to be happy! 


Our Remodeling Project 

This design needs a floor plan comparison to really show you how much of a change this remodel had on the space. Originally, the kitchen was so closed, and the wall created this massive “void” that was essentially the walk path to the backyard – for no real reason. There were also a lot of small, closed off spaces that made the kitchen even more “scrunched up” than it needed to be. By taking out the wall in the middle of the room, we were able to really open the space up and create a large island with seats, and a view of the new TV location. Taking out off of those little rooms let us get the fridge out of the way of the range, and we were able to create a dry bar – which was on the wish list.

You can read more about this 2019 NARI CoTY Winner for Residential Kitchen $100,000-$150,000 here! 

Our designer Rebecca also believes that there is a fifth “R” that you need – her! You can either meet Rebecca or just look up why it’s important to hire a designer in general. Although we do have a few other R’s on staff to help you out as wellany one of us is talented to help point you in the right direction!