The Construction Process FAQs

When going through with a remodel, the first thing you may think of might be the design, the style, the colors, or even the materials. But if you think about it, those elements essentially are selected and decided at the beginning of your remodel, with a few exceptions along the way. So in order to get to the end of the project, we have to complete the construction phase. You could essentially say there is a beginning (designing), middle (construction phase), and an end (the final punch list and completion of the project). From experience, we know that the middle phase is where a variety of things come up such as your questions and concerns. So, to get you ahead of the game, let’s just share some of our most frequently asked questions to get you started!


Will there be dust?

Dust is an inevitable part of the construction process no matter how big or small of a project. To prevent dust from scattering outside the construction areas, we tape off area with plastic to contain the dust from spreading.

After Completion Cleaning

We do a general cleaning of vacuuming out the cabinets and drawers, but unless stated in the scope, we do not do a deep cleaning upon completion.

Sorting out the Kinks

Why aren’t the doors and drawers even with each other?

Due to shipping, handling, and installation, the doors and drawers may need some adjusting. So, after the hardware is installed, that’s when we do all the adjusting.

Why are the cabinets on blocks and not on the floor?

Not all floors are created equal. We do this to shim the cabinets so they are at an even level. Also, if flooring has not been installed yet, we shim the cabinets so the flooring will run at the bottom of the cabinetry and not higher.

Why is there a gap between the cabinet and the wall?

The space between the cabinet and a perpendicular wall is an area called a “filler space”. This space is intentional as we place material called filler here. The filler will connect to the cabinet and the wall. We use filler for many reasons, for one, the filler creates a gap to where doors and drawers can open properly without obstruction.

Plumbing and Electrical

Will plumbing be turned off during construction?

The plumbing usually will be switched off twice during the construction phase. Once during demo, and a second time during installation of new plumbing fixtures.

Will electricity be switched off during construction?

Electricity will be switched off at the breaker box for whichever circuit we are working on. Other circuits not being used/modified will be/should be left on.


How do I take care of the items installed such as the plumbing fixtures and countertops?

We provide our clients with care and maintenance instructions on how to care for your new products.

If I make a scratch on the cabinet how do I fix this?

We always order a touch-up kit with every project. After a project is complete, we leave the touch-up kit with our clients to use for future scratches. If there is more than one finish of cabinetry, there will be a kit for each.

If you’ve decided on doing a remodel don’t be afraid to ask questions should there be any concerns!