Brighter Lights Make for a Brighter Mood

When I first moved into my house, my kitchen lighting was pretty ugly – two giant fluorescents complete with little bug corpses piled into the corners of the fixtures. They were unsightly but functional, so I saved what I could from my “paying-back-student-loans” type budget and eventually had enough to finally replace my infamously ugly kitchen lights. I was ecstatic when I could upgrade to contemporary-style track lighting. I expected the new lights to make my kitchen look more modern and open – which they did.

What Kitchen Style are You?

Most people don’t know what kind of style they are; they just enjoy a little bit of everything. Perhaps some people know what they like, but they don’t really know what style it falls under or what to call it. Pictured below are different styles of kitchens. Kitchen Design Concepts will help you get started in deciding your style.

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