Kitchen Update

How Organized Are Your Cabinets?

Have you ever realized the storage potential of your cabinetry? We can all probably agree that we could be a little more organized in that department. Most of us probably…
Highland Park kitchen redesign in white and beige

Intro to Cabinetry

When going through a kitchen remodel you will find yourself encountering a lot of different terminology. At times, it may be a little confusing and you can easily feel overwhelmed. For that reason, we wanted…

Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2016

Are you thinking about doing a kitchen remodel or kitchen update? Well,  before any money is spent, we believe that it’s very important to be informed of current design trends. Every…

The Reveal…the Before and Afters

Let me back up and tell you a little about our kitchen before the remodel. First, it is a small space and we did not have the luxury (time or money) of being able to remove walls and re-configure. So the same footprint remained but everything else went. We live in a 1950s home and Jennifer (co-owner and general contractor) was concerned we might have some electrical and plumbing challenges. Luckily, when they opened up the walls, there were a few out-of-date issues but nothing that was not manageable (for them – wouldn’t trust an amateur here). They upgraded electrical, water shut-off valves and other stuff I don’t really understand (or want to) to make us feel nice and safe. Our cabinets and drawers were one of our biggest targets.

Updating Your Home Without A Remodel

I sometimes talk to people who want to update their kitchen but are not ready to commit to a re-do. If you have a few dollars to invest but don’t want an entire overhaul, consider the following:

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