kitchen remodeling process

Kitchen Remodel Process

Next to the cost of a kitchen remodel, one of the most popular questions we get in our kitchen showroom is “How long does the kitchen remodel process usually take?” The short answer for us is 10-12 weeks, but that varies with the scope of the individual project in addition to a few other variables. It is everyone’s hope that the project runs smoothly without any delays, but, with so many moving parts, we expect some surprises and have learned to deal with them efficiently. For example, we might get into a wall and find that there has been damage caused by leaky pipes or unwanted visitors (such as termites). But, no matter the exact situation, we at Kitchen Design Concepts pride ourselves on open and regular communication with our clients so that together we make the right decisions in a timely manner to keep the project humming along. The basic kitchen remodel process consists of the steps below, however, there are many activities that occur at each step, especially in the construction/installation phase.

Getting Ready to Remodel? (Part IV)

In this ongoing series for those thinking about re-designing and remodeling their kitchens, I will address what to expect in our first meeting with you. At Kitchen Design Concepts, this meeting is our first chance to hear your likes and dislikes as you set the stage for your ideal kitchen space. We come to understand your objectives and listen between the lines to produce a proposal that reflects you. Our goal is to hear things you say and don’t say so that when we sit down to discuss our plan, you are not only hearing back what you told us but we’ve taken it even one step further to a place you didn’t know existed. There are four key goals of this first meeting:

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