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White Kitchens with Wow!

Have you ever noticed that all the finest restaurants serve their food on white dishes? They say it’s because the clean, white background makes the food “pop”. It serves as a crisp and bright backdrop for the main event. We at Kitchen Design Concepts have noticed that concept works beautifully for the entire kitchen, too! A neutral, light palate in the heart of your house allows you to accent with family, friends, food and laughter. Beautiful cabinetry, hardware and countertops don’t always need more than that. Clean lines and a simple palate can bring serenity and a feel of organization to your kitchen. White also allows you to change colors with your mood or season by changing out temporary accents like linens, flowers and dishes.

Kitchen Photo Gallery

Ever thought of remodeling your kitchen but didn’t know where to begin? Maybe you just like to dream of beautiful kitchens. Either way, our online photo gallery has hundreds of beautiful photos to inspire you. Organized into three categories – Traditional, Transitional and Modern – you can find the style that suits you or browse all three!

Polished Nickel Finishes

There was a day not too long ago when brushed and satin finishes were all-the-rage. People were steering well clear of polished finishes. But, not any more! Check out these examples of how beautiful polished nickel finishes can be in the latest hardware.

Kitchen Remodel Inspiration

Are you considering a kitchen overhaul? Do you know what kitchen style and functionality you want for your lifestyle? They say pictures are worth 1,000 words and we agree, especially when it comes to finding inspiration for your kitchen design and remodel project.

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