kitchen appliance

Jennifer’s Favorite Kitchen Appliance

You’ve heard about my favorite, the induction cooktop, and Katie’s, the microwave drawer, and now it’s time to reveal Jennifer’s – it’s the lesser-known but cool Teppanyaki Grill (shown below in two slightly different styles). This is not a mainstream appliance but is wonderful for the cook who has the room for a few indulgences.

Katie’s Favorite Kitchen Appliance

My last blog about my favorite kitchen appliance spurred some conversation around the showroom and I thought I’d share what Katie (lead designer) identified as her favorite. I have to say this appliance is pretty great as well – the microwave drawer.

My Favorite Kitchen Appliance

While there are many great appliances in our most loved room in the home, my favorite kitchen appliance has to be the induction cooktop. It has immediate heat control (unlike electric) and is faster and more energy efficient than either electric or gas. But, perhaps, one of the coolest things about induction is that it heats the pot or pan, not the cooktop, so its safety factor is extremely high.

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