Feel Warm & Fuzzy with Wood Elements

Fall is coming! Cool weather, changing leaves and slouchy sweaters are right around the corner. While you prepare to stay warm for the winter, consider warming up your kitchen, too – with wooden counter tops.

Eco-Friendly Protection from Pests

Pests happen. A kitchen doesn’t have to be dirty for the occasional little critter to make an appearance, but when they do it can be disheartening. Especially after a big kitchen remodel when everything seems so clean and new! Don’t call the exterminator yet – there are simple ways you can discourage bugs without subjecting your new kitchen to harsh chemicals.

Eco Options for Everyone

Never before has being environmentally friendly been so trendy. While some people worry that this means it may fall “out of style,” I think it’s a good thing. The more popular this trend grows, the more companies and manufacturers will make an effort to provide eco options for their customers.

Old Doors Open New Option

Call me a hippie, but I love “up-cycling.” The idea takes recycling to the next level, literally turning trash into treasure. I’ve seen entire gardens made from 2-liter bottles, pet beds made from old computers and surprising new uses for wine corks. One of my favorite ideas was a coffee table one blogger created from a secondhand door. She kept the knicks, scratches and old-fashioned hardware the door came with to create a table with lots of character.