Would You Choose A Wood Counter?

Well… WOOD you? Wood is a rich, natural material that can be used in most places of the home. Typically, any cabinetry you have in the home will be wood…

Intro to Countertops

Today we move onto our countertop portion of our materials 101 series. If you missed our last lesson covering cabinetry, you can find it here.  Cabinets may be the first thing…

Colorful Kitchen Surfaces

If you are someone who likes a bit of bold color in a room, there are several countertop choices that are just right for you! From apple green to deep red,…

Own a Private Island

Before I moved into my house, I lived with tiny kitchens. The kind where you open the oven door and hit the countertops. When I moved into my house, I immediately fell in love with my intensely spacious kitchen.

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