Styles of Hardware for Your Cabinetry

Hardware on cabinetry is like the ring on your finger. It’s a finishing touch that completes a look, and also serves an important function. The options of cabinet hardware are endless. There are many different shapes, sizes, and finishes to choose from! Even people looking for the most specific type of hardware will most likely find what they are looking for! Today we will cover just some of the different styles of hardware, and believe us, we are only scratching the surface!


Pendant hardware tends to lean more traditional in style and creates an elegant look to any space! A pendant is a type of hardware that has an attachment that connects to the cabinet, and a pendant that hangs from it to provide the mechanism to open and close a door/drawer. Here we see pendant hardware in a brass finish that complements the finishes of this bathroom space.


Latch hardware is a decorative and eye-catching piece for any cabinetry. A latch instantly provides a classic look and is both functional and beautiful. The mechanism involves twisting the latch which “unlocks” the cabinet. A latch comes in many different finishes and is a great option for traditional style kitchens and baths! It is also a popular selection for inset style cabinetry.


Knobs are one of the most commonly utilized pieces of hardware for cabinetry. Knobs are simple and easy to use. But don’t underestimate the vast variety of knob styles out there! Knobs have come a long way from the standard round shape. You can also find knobs with texture, a variety of colors, and even geometrically shaped as shown below!


Pulls are also considered one of the most commonly utilized pieces of hardware. If doing a combination of hardware, we typically think knobs for doors and pulls for drawers, but don’t underestimate pulls either! Pull’s come in hundreds of styles, sizes, and finishes so you are sure to find one that you are looking for. You can also play around with lengths, the standard size is 3” center to center, but what about doing something a little bigger, like 5” center to center? Pulls are a simple concept, but they allow you to be creative in many ways!


Cup hardware has traditionally been seen in “country” style kitchens. In reality, when you play around with the finishes you can create something elegant with a polished nickel, or even something more transitional with a flat black finish. The typical cup shape is the half-moon, but in recent years, more shapes have emerged creating styles for any space!


All in all, with hardware there are hundreds of styles, shapes, sizes, and finishes to choose from and we are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for! But be sure that your hardware is easy for you to grip, and serves the function you need. And while you’re here, check out the different cabinetry styles to help you find your style!