Whether you’re having a complete top-to-bottom remodel or just making a few changes to alter the atmosphere, there is a lot to consider when it comes to home decor improvement. Luckily, technology is on our side.

I’ve previously mentioned how gloriously convenient it can be when tech-friendly tricks meet everyday life and it’s more true nowadays than ever. A while ago, I was searching for a level to check the straightness of my newly installed floating shelf. In the midst of my frustration, I heard a tiny, gullible-to-advertising voice speak in my head, “I bet there’s an app for that.” There was – over twenty, actually – the best of which was iHandy Carpenter, an app that not only has a level, but a plumb bob, steel protractor and steel ruler too (just pass your phone over a surface to measure).

This piqued my curiosity and I soon discovered a plethora of home improvement apps, from ones that calculate the cost of a project from start-to-finish to Color Snap, a Sherwin Williams application that allows you to take pictures of the perfect real-world color and match it with their database to create your perfect pallet. My favorites were the Feng Shui Calculator (a Chinese spiritual art of home decor that believes a good home layout brings peace, prosperity and health) and the Snap Shop Showroom, an app that lets you place virtual furniture from various catalogs straight into an image of your space. Never again will I wonder if that Ikea shelf will fit or if that Pier 1 loveseat matches with my coffee table.

Don’t let the digital store’s thousands of suggestions and options intimidate you – there is a world of helpful applications out there, so get exploring!

Our intern is Desiree Johnson, a recent journalism graduate and Texas native. The 26-year-old loves painting, her dachshund Munchie and using what she calls her “real, adult-sized kitchen.”