master bath update

Signs It’s Time For A Master Bath Update

There may be a lot of things that are starting to prompt you to consider a master bath update. This is especially true since we’ve all had to Shelter-In-Place for almost two months now. So, what are some of the basic signs that it’s time? Let us share some of the most updated items, whether they are requested or not. Sometimes, it’s a space issue. Other times, it’s a safety issue. Either way, we see these things a lot, so let’s see how we can address these in your next master bath remodel.

The Dangerous Sunken Tub

First and foremost, anywhere where there is a step in your bathroom is a major “no-no” in the design world. Why? Just think about it. Water and steps are NOT friends. If you are in a high-rise, sometimes you have to deal with a step for plumbing and sound barrier purposes, but usually, you should limit, or try to avoid them altogether. However, if you don’t have those restrictions, there really is no need! A sunken tub is something that we see a lot of. Now, imagine having to pull yourself up out of this after a nice relaxing bath. Not as ideal. We would definitely suggest filling this in and bringing the bottom of the tub up to the floor level. Even though you have to step into it still, your feet will be landing at a more comfortable height. It’s also a lot more intuitive so you can stop worrying, and start unwinding from your day!

The Lone Vanity Sink

When there is more than one person using a restroom, there can usually be two things that happen in the sink area. You either bump elbows while trying to brush your teeth (which can also happen if you have two sinks two close together) or you have to take shifts. But what if you get ready around the same time? Not ideal. A single vanity sink just isn’t a great idea in a master bath if you can help it. Even if it’s just you right now, for resale purposes most people want – and sometimes expect – and double vanity in a master bath. This can also be true for any jack and jill bathroom in a space (like the picture below) where more than one person will be using the space. Everyone will want their own storage and counter space. No more fighting over the water or mirror either!

The Cave-like Shower

Who else feels like they enter Narnia when walking into their shower? Keep your hands up – we know there are a lot of you out there. How? We’ve seen, and remodeled, a lot of these. For some reason, this seemed to be all the rage in the 20th century so its time to get a master bath update that brings you into the new Millenium. Having your shower completely surrounded by walls with the only escape being a measly 2-foot door isn’t really needed. You can easily open up your shower as much, or as little, as you like. These clients (below) actually moved their cave-like shower over to where the tub used to be and although it is enclosed on three sides, a frosted window along with the fourth wall of glass makes it feel much more open and inviting. Don’t want to give up the privacy? There are plenty of options that you can choose from: partial walls and frosted or colored glass could be a better fit for you.

The Back Breaking Mess

We have mentioned this before and will mention it again: your vanity sink height matters. Older homes more than likely have the old “standard” vanity height of 32-inches above the floor, which is closer to a desk or dining room table height. The new standard is about 36-inches, similar to a kitchen, depending on the height of the user. The other bonus with taller cabinets? More storage space. That extra 4- to 6-inches or so in height could mean an extra drawer to hide medicine, makeup, or anything else that is cluttering up your counters. And while we are talking about storage, a simple cabinet replacement could be your salvation. Not only can you pick the perfect height, but you can almost double your storage space! Talk about an organized person’s dream. Don’t be shy to ask your cabinet designer the best ways to “hide” certain items, or for any fun storage solutions in your new cabinetry. Trust us – anything to make your life easier is well worth the investment.

See anything on this list that rings true in your home and realizing a master bath update is a great idea? We suggest starting your Bathroom Wish List now while you are home, and then look into how much a bathroom remodel costs, and how long an average master bathroom remodel can take from demo to completion. Let us help you do your research before diving in – and we always recommend hiring and working with professionals!