Our Showering Options

Today, we’ve got tons to choose from when it comes to our showering options. Not only can you decorate it nicely with tiles and shower glass, but you’ve also got many options when it comes to the functionality of your shower plumbing (and finishes, too!). A little history lesson… Did you know that showers weren’t invented until the 19th century? Well, we’ve come a long way since then and we’re happy we’re on this end of the evolution of the shower. With that being said, what are our showering options?!

Angled Showerhead

The angled showerhead is what many of us are most familiar with. It’s probably the single most used fixture for a shower as it knows how to get the job done, so to speak. The angled showerhead stays stationary on the wall and is angled down to shower your body. Most heads you can rotate and move to your desired angle.


The handheld shower is great either on its own or as a secondary fixture to the angled showerhead. To start, this is a great option when considering aging in place design (for example, showering while sitting). Plus, it’s great for the kiddos and pets, too. In addition, you can direct water anywhere you need to, which makes for easy clean up for yourself and your shower!

Rain Shower

The rainshower is a favorite of many. Although we wouldn’t design this on its own, it’s still a great option if you’re looking for a secondary fixture. It’s designed to feel as if you’re standing outside in the rain with water pouring down directly above your head. Something to think about is that some feel as if they can’t “escape” the water – being that it’s directly above you. A rain shower makes it so you’ll have a constant flow of water running down your face. But on the flip side, that’s also a reason people love it!


The bodysprays are a great way to include a therapeutic element into your bathroom. The sprays can help relieve muscle tension as it focuses a direct spray onto one area. They also provide a sense of relaxation which is perfect after a long day. As to how many shower sprays you want is up to each individual, but consider more than one as you can install them in different heights to target different areas.