Remodeling? Don’t Forget to Ask Your Designer These Questions: Part 2

Did you check out part 1 of “Remodeling? Don’t forget to Ask Your Designer These Questions”? Then I am sure you’re curious to learn about part 2 as we dig a little deeper. Sometimes seeing beyond the big picture, and looking at the smaller details can be difficult when you are remodeling. That’s why we are here to help! Check out part 2 below.

Do I need a designated spot for display?

Incorporating a designated spot for display of items such as fine china, glassware or other decorative items may be something you would like to consider. Here we could incorporate glass (and there are many types to choose from), a finished cabinet interior, and possibly interior lighting.

I have large countertop appliances that need special storage, what are my options?

Well, if you have larger countertop appliances that you would like to stow away, there are a couple storage options to choose from. The most obvious would be to store inside a cabinet on a shelf, but there may be some better solutions for you. Work with your designer and give her a list of item you have. It may be that storing in a deep drawer will work, or possibly incorporating an appliance garage will be better, it all depends on what small appliances you have. There are so many different functions and types of storage solutions, for example, if you have a stand mixer, we would recommend a mixer lift (those things are heavy!).

What finish do I use for my fixtures and fittings?

The finish options for today’s fixtures and fittings are many. Some standard finishes you may think of include chrome, and stainless steel, but have you thought of brass, oil rubbed bronze, or even rose gold? There are many fun ways to incorporate different finishes into your space, and your fixtures and fittings are one of them! Today, we are seeing a lot more of the gold metallic tones, it provides warmth and an element of surprise. Or maybe, you’re up for mixing metals! See what options your designer can provide!

What about my sink? Should it be installed under-mount or over-mount?

An under-mount sink is installed under the countertop, versus a top-mount, is lipped over the countertop. If you ask your designer, most of the time we recommend an under-mount sink. It provides the easiest clean-up and overall looks nicer. However, there is no right or wrong to this decision, it’s just a matter of preference. If you’re a fan of farmhouse sinks, read the pros and cons here.

For hardware, should I select one style, or go with two styles?

We say have fun with this one! No need to stick to just one style (although, it’s perfectly fine if you do!). If our clients want to change it up a little, we recommend going with knobs for doors and pulls for drawers, all in the same finish and style. You could even go with three styles, maybe knobs, pulls, and cups? Imagine the options in your space and ask your designer to provide you with samples you can see and get a feel for.