In the spirit of 2016 coming to an end, we decided it would not only be fun but also important to reflect on another great year! In total, we had 28 projects, 4 of which were repeat, and 7 of which were referrals! We congratulate not only ourselves, but also our clients who are enjoying their brand new kitchens and baths! We hope we have made all your (cabinetry) wishes and dreams come true. Keeping with the spirit of reflecting on 2016, we got together and answered a few questions on what we thought about 2016- check it out below!

What is your biggest professional accomplishment this year?

Dru: Hopefully making many happy clients happy 🙂

Rachel: Learning 5 new cabinets lines and new computer program (2020)!

Rebecca:  I passed my Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD) exam on November 28 and was selected by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) as one of the 30 under 30 in September – to be recognized at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Orlando, FL in January.

Chris: Exceeding revenue targets and doubling revenue from last year in the partner channel!


Jennifer having fun with the kiddos at the holiday party! 

Tell me about your favorite project you worked on this year and why you enjoyed it. 

D: Loved a kitchen, living, fireplace, laundry project because it was such a transformation for them from a functionality, living, social stand point but I really enjoy all the projects I work on they are all so different and rewarding!!!!

Ra: We worked with a very sweet couple in Plano- cabinetry for their whole house- in WW Woods/ Eclipse and Kitchen Craft. Building relationships with the clients during the design meetings is so much fun. After the first meeting, this couple was family! Always enjoyed meeting with them (and their dog)!  I can’t wait to see the final product- we’ll be installing after the first of the year.

Re: It’s so hard to choose a favorite! But I think there is a tie – one kitchen and one bath. The kitchen was in a historical district and we were rather restricted by space and configuration, so the “puzzle solver” in me had a fun time working alongside the client to make all the magic happen to fit their needs. The bath was actually a master bathroom/bedroom suite that we completely reconfigured. So much creativity was involved and the client has a wonderfully bold palette that we got to play with, so the possibilities were endless!

MK: This particular project was beyond being a super fabulous and delightful client, she was (note the “was”, as in pre-meeting us) a “2” (think a scale of 1 to 10)  in the kitchen – not very inspired, not very knowledgeable, not very confident, not a good space and “tools” to make it easy and fun, kitchen not a place she wanted to hang except when her family, which is way important to her, was there along comes us and wow, she sees possibilities (after another architect had told her, her vision was “not possible”) – Dru and Jennifer, of course, executed perfectly – and now, I see this person who is experimenting in the kitchen, who loves her knew shiny pots and pans, which we gave her, and emails me to ask about best way to clean them to keep them looking good after use – someone who asks if I might have a recipe or 2 that would be good for her to try – someone who “caresses” her kitchen – someone who emails about a success making lasagna cupcakes that her husband “loved” and “raved” about!!  Someone who is cooking with her grandkids in the kitchen.  This kind of “life change” is what makes it fun for me!!  A 2 to 7 is pretty impressive!

C: Working with a great builder on 3 contemporary homes that were new construction.  We enjoyed it because we have built a great relationship with the builder and he is delightful to work with.


Dru and her husband in holiday cheer!

What is the biggest thing you learned this year (professionally)?

D: 20/20 tricks,3D and other computer programming

Ra: I learned that it’s ok to ask for help when you’re too overwhelmed/ stressed.

Re: Having more confidence in presenting a design to clients – people skills are a driving force in our industry!

C: How to stay calm with a million things going on.


Chris and our our head chef (and co-owner) Mary Kathryn in her holiday apron and ready for some good food!

What is the one office supply you could not have lived without?

D: My reading glasses 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ra: Um, computer seems like the most obvious answer to this one. 🙂 haha

On a serious note, either the Bosch laser measurer (accuracy is key!) or the IPad for redlines on drawings and to use during presentations.

Re: Can I count my coworkers as office supplies? It truly is wonderful to be able to work alongside such a helpful, knowledgeable, and well-rounded team.

C: My spiral notebook.


What is your 2017 work-resolution?

D:  Would really like to learn excel a bit more

Ra: To apply, study and take the AKBD exam! (Hopefully that can all happen in 1 year 🙂 )

Re: Get more involved in industry organizations to give back to our entire community

C: Try to devote 30% of my time working on business development for the partner channel


From all of us at Kitchen Design Concepts, we wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year!