Pull Out Drawers, Cabinets and Shelves! Oh My!

One thing I love about designing and remodeling new kitchen spaces for our clients is the chance to incorporate little luxuries that make life so much easier! Pull out cabinetry in the way of shelving, spice racks and even trash and recycling makes a world of difference in the level of love you have for your kitchen. Check out these kitchen amenities below and start thinking about ways you can improve your kitchen (and your life)!

Below, we used pull out drawers and organizational dividers to make plateware and utensils easy to lift up versus pulling down a stack of heavy dishes from a high cabinet

Pull Out Spice Davis

Below, pull out shelves hold heavy kitchen equipment and appliances allowing the homeowner to avoid getting down on the floor and trying to pull something out from the back of a cabinet

Pull Out Spice Davis

Below, pull out spice racks and spice drawers make reaching spices and seeing their labels a breeze. With these great kitchen amenities, you can access your spices all at once

Pull Out Spice Davis

Below, a spice drawer – a kitchen organizer’s dream!

Below, pull out cabinets hide trash and recycling bins

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