Perspectives to Reality

When we go through the design process, it’s truly impossible to know how the space will look in its entirety until it’s fully complete. Don’t get me wrong, we know how to envision what spaces will look like, we know the finishes will go great together, but how we envision a space, might not be how you envision a space, and if you have Aphantasia (you cannot visualize at all), well, that’s a whole other story for another time. But when you take into consideration the lighting, the color scheme, and the textures of the new finishes, you won’t really know until it’s standing there, 100% complete. So when we design, we always provide perspectives which help to convey how spaces will look in a completed state.  So, today we thought it might be interesting to see how some perspectives we’ve shared compare with the actual result. Take a look below!

Powder Bath: Perspective to Reality

This is a powder bath we designed that has some unique elements, like the sink for instance. It’s one thing seeing a photo of the sink, but being able to see how it would actually look in the space, is priceless! We love the result of how the finishes bounce off one another. Plus, the perspective and the real result are spot-on.

Kitchen: Perspective to Reality

This is a kitchen we designed that opened up into the living space where we also provided our design work. Looking at the cabinetry in the living room, they have special metal sheets at the top that conceals their speakers. By showing these in the perspective drawing, it allowed our clients to see what they would look like. Plus, being able to see what cabinet goes where as if you were standing in the space, is priceless!

Mudroom/Laundry: Perspective to Reality

When designing this space, having perspective drawings was extremely important to our clients. This project involved creating an addition to the garage, then a portion of the existing garage would become the new mudroom and laundry room. With the funky protrusions from the ceiling, we agree, perspectives were much needed! Take a look below:

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