25may2012-1Memorial Day is my favorite of what I’ve begun calling “Good Eatin’” holidays – those where a lot of time is spent in the kitchen (both cooking and socializing) and the delicious results are always worth the work. Memorial Day tops my list because something about an extra day off work just screams barbecue. It always seems like the weather is perfect for this holiday – the Texas summer heat hasn’t fully set in and the sunshine beckons people to spend more time outside. So naturally, as I was cleaning my charcoal grill and setting up tiki torches in my backyard, I found myself daydreaming about outdoor kitchens.

Not walking back and forth to the fridge inside? Rinsing dishes in my very own outdoor sink without having to miss all the action? Pinch me when it’s true! I may be dreaming all summer, but you don’t have to: Kitchen Design Concepts can create the outdoor kitchen of your wildest imagination. Their attention to detail will create a space so summer-worthy you may never go back inside!