Our backyards were starting to feel left out with all this talk of indoor spaces. In light of Memorial Day, we want to shine a bright light on our favorite outdoor kitchens! If you are a lover of grilling, being outdoors, and spending time with family, then an outdoor kitchen is calling your name! Just imagine you’re in the yard entertaining family, friends, and neighbors, while the kids are jumping in and out of the pool, and you’re the grill master. What if we said your outdoor kitchen could have all the bells and whistles of that of an indoor kitchen? Don’t neglect the outdoor space, your grill deserves a lot: counter space, a prep area, refrigeration, waste unit, and much more! For this Memorial Day, we present you with our favorite stylish and sleek outdoor kitchens along with our design considerations:

Design consideration #1: Weather-proof materials. Be sure to select materials that can handle different types of climate. Materials such as stainless steel and natural stone are good places to start. Working with a skilled designer will make the material selection process for your outdoor kitchen a breeze.

Design consideration #2:  Provide storage space. It may seem obvious, but don’t forget about this important element. Think of all the items you would need on hand while utilizing your outdoor kitchen space. The last thing you want to do is run back and forth into the house.

Design consideration #3:  Provide good prep space. We can’t say this enough. Prep space, prep space, prep space! Yes, your outdoor kitchen most likely won’t be as large as your indoor kitchen, but having a good amount of prep space is really important. Even if you do most of the food prep indoors, you will still need space for your utensils, spices, platters, and somewhere the food can sit as it awaits the grill.

Design consideration #4:  Include appliances. This may not be a very big necessity, but it’s one of those things you wish you had once it’s said and done. When designing your outdoor kitchen space, having a small refrigerator, for example, would be very convenient to store your favorite outdoor beverages.

Design consideration #5:  Include waste area. Need we say more?

Design consideration #6:  Include sink for easy clean up. Having a sink included in the design of your outdoor kitchen space will be a huge convenience. From rinsing food to cleaning up, you will be glad you have a sink nearby rather than running back and forth into the house. We’re all about designing a space that is easy and convenient for your needs.

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