Our Year in Review

Can you believe 2017 is almost over?! It’s another year in the books, and another year to reflect on. With many kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms designed, I’d say we had a pretty good year! With that being said, we would like to thank our clients for choosing us as their remodeler, and many of which who were repeat clients (that makes us feel extra special!).  And also a big thank you to the partnerships and industry professionals whom we have worked with throughout the year. So, while we had a good year in the remodeling department, we thought it would be interesting to see how our employee’s year went. Take a look at our year in review below!

What is your biggest professional accomplishment this year?

Rebecca: We were able to submit a few of our projects to the NARI Contractor of the Year (CoTY) awards and 2 of my projects ended up being winners in their categories! You may have seen some blogs about them… Read about them here. 

Roshel: Just getting through the year. We had an even greater year this year and it felt so chaotic but with great bosses and mentors, I was well prepared this year.

Tell me about your favorite project you worked on this year and why you enjoyed it. 

Rachel: Ooh, it was fun to design a trophy room for a professional football player. The challenge was to think outside the box for different storage solutions based on the trophies/awards he owned. Because it is a room that is a “showcase”, we were able to use some cool high gloss colored cabinets!

Roshel: Actually I’m still working on it. The girls came together with the showroom transformation for our Carrollton showroom and my role is to set it in motion.

Rebecca: It would have to be a kitchen that we have only worked on preliminary designs for, and the clients just so happen to be my bosses! The main component is a large island that will hold a LOT of storage (for Mary Kathryn’s needs) and a small eating space (for Jennifer’s happiness) and the second draft incorporated a fun shape, which we ultimately steered away from. I’m not sure why though. I created a wonderful mock-up of how they could make a custom wood top and carve the millennium falcon into it and everything!

Mary Kathryn: Projects that have a “story” always resonate with me – for example, we had a client who had his 80th birthday this summer, and who happens to be an artist with some specific needs to enable his artistic creations – his wife’s birthday gift to him was some cabinetry and related, highly customized from a design standpoint to store and facilitate his artistic endeavors – it has been heartwarming to watch their interaction throughout the process.

What is the biggest thing you learned this year (professionally)?

Rebecca: Our fabulous Chris has been giving us “sales” lessons which have really helped me become a little more independent when working with clients, especially when our fearless leaders are so busy.

Rachel: We’ve gone through some training to learn about personality profiles, so it’s been beneficial to learn how to read people and how to interact with the different personalities in order to be successful.

Roshel: The different personalities of co-workers and customers. It really helps a lot to learn how to approach/read people to make selling/communicating go smoothly.

What is the one office supply you could not have lived without?

Mary Kathryn: my stapler – use it all the time!!

Rachel: An iPad. It’s lightweight and easy to use in the field. There are lots of apps that make my life easier with measures, note taking, etc.

Roshel: Last year was my cell phone which is a constant but this year it had to be the coffee press. Caffeine has saved the day plenty this year.

Rebecca: Highlighters – I color code my to-do list, hand sketches, notes, literally everything

What is your 2018 work-resolution?

Roshel: Finish with the transformation and I’m hoping to better myself with familiarity with our cabinet line and go to at least 1 training/seminar session.

Rebecca: I would like to start working towards a beneficial NARI certification and learn a little more about how our guys and subs work in the field, making our designs look as fabulous as they do

Mary Kathryn:  To make an investment to get the right talent in place, then develop and roll out some strategic initiatives (e.g., advertising, cabinet collection launch, HR rewards/recognition)

Thank you to all our clients, partnerships, and industry preofessionals who have shaped our year! We wish you well for the rest of 2017, and send best wishes for your 2018!