Our Designers Most Favorite Projects in 2019

We can’t believe 2019 has almost come to an end, and another decade will close its chapter. 2019 has included several exciting projects for us, so today, our designers will share their most favorite. Check them out below!


“Each kitchen I design holds a special place in my heart. However, if I had to choose just one favorite, it would be the “Kelly” the kitchen. Since we previously remodeled their kitchen in 2004, their cabinets still functioned well and just needed a little “lift”. The floating shelves, decorative cement tile backsplash, and the marble countertops/ backsplash are my favorite features of this kitchen. I also love it when I have clients who are willing to put marble countertops in their kitchen since it can stain and scratch so easily that it doesn’t happen often. Instead of doing a polished marble we did a honed finish which again has a more casual feel and carried it up to the backsplash so it didn’t take away from the other fun features of the kitchen! This is now a bright classic kitchen that really reflects the homeowner’s fun style!”


“My favorite project I worked on this year was with a young, professional, hip Aussie couple with a new baby. They wanted a highly functioning kitchen that reflected their lifestyle. The home’s façade exuded a clean, classic Italian feel, but the interior was traditional and outdated. The kitchen was dark and cut off from the breakfast room and the homeowners wanted to open it up. The use of lighter-colored materials and opening it up to the breakfast and living areas helped tremendously. This brought more of the outside in and significantly lightened everything up. The dramatic change and improved function made them an overly joyful family! They were wonderful clients to work with throughout the project. This puts the icing on the cake for my favorite job. To top it off, we are about to start their master bath in February 2020 so I guess we did something right!”


“Technically this project was finished up at the end of 2018, but it’s still one of the most detailed, fun, and interesting projects I have been able to work on. The homeowners were Californian transplants who desperately needed an updated kitchen that functioned for how their lives would change for when their family would expand. They were a dream to work with. My client was an amateur woodworker, he had a lot of thoughts which were all thought-provoking and allowed me to learn new things! The tri-layered island was also a feat within itself, but gave us the opportunity to be creative, as well as give the homeowner a chance to make it personal. He created the walnut piece on the island himself! Finally, I just LOVE how this design turned out in pictures (kudos to our photographer!) and just love the final aesthetics of the entire room.”


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